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Killer Mike: The Most Dangerous MC In The World (My 20-Year Psychoneurosis Ends)

It’s only right that my Hip-Hoppreneur ™ column returns to the world’s most dangerous site upon my discovery of the world’s new most dangerous MC. It all happened two weeks ago while driving from New Jersey to Washington D.C. As is my custom, each Tuesday I listen to all of the major new album releases [...]

From ADP To GDP: Why Neither President Obama Or President Romney Is Likely To Fix The Economy

If it were up to me all the news agencies would do each month is call Rutgers University Professor Joseph J. Seneca and ask him how the latest job creation estimates jive with his seminal 2009 report, Americas New Post-Recession Employment Arithmetic published in September of 2009 in the Advance & Rutgers Report: An Analysis of Economic, Business & Demographic Trends.

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