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Cedric Muhammad is available for speaking engagements, media appearances and interviews, panel discussions, conferences and community events.

Here is a sample ‘aircheck’ of media appearances by Cedric Muhammad

- On ‘Rolling Out Radio’ (Rolling Out Magazine) With Martin Johnson

Subject: The Man Behind–cedric-muhammad

- On The Black Author Network

Subject: Finance, Business and Economics

- On CBS Radio 95.5FM ‘The Michele Wright Show’
Subject: ‘The Entrepreneurial Secret’ & The U.S. Economy

- On Sirius Radio (‘Make It Plain’) and NPR (‘The Kojo Namdi Show’):
Subject: ‘The Entrepreneurial Secret’ & The Hip-Hop Generation

‘The Art Of Biz Show’ With Lauri ‘Lee’ Elliott
Subject: Suceeding in Business in a Hostile Environment

- Interview With Davey D. “Wall Street Gangsters: How Cash Really Does Rule”

‘The Warren Ballentine Show’
Subject: The African Union’s First Congress Of African Economists In Nairobi, Kenya

* Please submit all print, television, and radio interview requests to the following:
Email Address: interview(at)

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Possible Topics For Public Speaking Engagements…

  • The Root Of The Financial Panic Of 2007-2008
  • Establishing ‘The United States Of Africa’  Through A Single Currency
  • How The Bank Bailout Affected Black-Owned Banks
  • The Age Of The Hip-Hoppreneur TM:  The Lessons That Hip-Hop Culture and Industry Have Taught An Entire Generation
  • The Origin of The Conflict In Darfur, Sudan
  • The Thong Vs. The Veil: A New View Of Feminism And Culture
  • The Capital To Labor Ratio:  The connection between unemployment, and incarceration rates; and tax, and asset ownership levels
  • The Unity Of Science and True Religion
  • How To Win A Election: Effective Viral, Street and Guerrilla Campaign Strategies
  • From Gangs To Government: Street Organizations As Community Builders
  • Black Universalism: The Limits Of Black Power And Post-Racial Ideologies
  • The New Crisis Of The Black Intellectual
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