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Cedric Muhammad Advises David Banner, Arranges Hip-Hop Artist’s Meeting With Congressman Bennie Thompson

 Cedric Muhammad of CM Cap, the power-brokering, entrepreneurial development and business growth company arranged and participated in a 1-hour meeting between Jackson, Mississippi Hip-Hop artist, David Banner and Congressman Bennie Thompson. It was the first formal meeting between the rap star – a native of Jackson, and the man who represents that city and other areas in the corridors of power in the Nation’s capitol. The summit focused on ways the two leaders could partner with one another to effectively meet the challenges that face the city of approximately 200,000 and the state of Mississippi, home to close to 3 million. Specifically the two leaders discussed economic development and issues facing youth in the area. David Banner and Congressman Thompson committed to work together in a public-private partnership led by the artist’s Heal The Hood Foundation and the Congressman’s D.C. and Jackson offices.

The meeting with Rep. Thompson followed a private two hour meeting between CM Cap CEO Cedric Muhammad and David Banner. The warm and serious discussion covered of a wide variety of topics including the delicate balance between the roles of celebrity and leader; deal-making and negotiations; the nature of power in politics, business, and culture; and the need for entrepreneurial development and business growth inside and out of the music industry.

“David Banner represents a prototype of CM Cap’s vision of the ‘HipHoppreneur.’ He is as passionate about people, power and profits as he is his artistry, and that is what makes him a true leader – well beyond his influence through music. We look forward to working with him in the future, to leverage his talent, resources, and brilliance, on behalf of the bottom line of his business affairs and community interests,” Mr. Muhammad explained.

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