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“Cedric Muhammad is my dude.  By that I mean – who else can discuss what’s happening on the streets, in Africa, and on Wall Street, with a heart of genuine concern for people?   I’m very selective about endorsing people.  You have to be nowadays.  But I don’t hold back when it comes to letting people know about Cedric and the respect I have for his commitment to inform, educate, assist, and inspire people.”

- Marcellus “Bishop” Allen, President, Saving Our Selves (S.O.S.) – Newark, New Jersey




 “When it comes to understanding the relationship between race relations and electoral politics, you can’t leave out Cedric Muhammad’s unique views.”     

- Bruce Bartlett, Economist-Syndicated Columnist, Author of “Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past”


Photo of Reuven Brenner  

Cedric has a unique ability to ask the right questions  - sharply and clearly - and elicit answers  devoid of all jargon that shed light on everyday realities, and get rid of much academic gobbeldygook.  Whether the subject is business, art, technology, or politics, he  narrows down to the essentials and explains  it in ways anyone can understand.”

- Reuven Brenner, Repap Chair, McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management, Montreal, Canada



 “Bold and balanced, sanguine and sagacious, Cedric Muhammad covers a wide range of topics – connecting them to the everyday experience of people from all backgrounds and communities and always with a fresh and colorful perspective.”

 - Robert Patrick Cooper, Senior Counsel, OneUnited Bank (




“Cedric Muhammad’s grasp of economic principles is first-rate.  His approach is, I believe, the best path toward economic abundance in both developed and developing countries and always with a fresh and colorful perspective.” 

- Nathan Lewis, Author, “Gold: The Once and Future Money” (




” Whether cultural, political or economic, I find Cedric to be well informed, witty and entertaining.  I recommend his web sites, blog, and program to everyone.” 

- Lee McDonald, The Renaissance Group, LLC







Cedric Muhammad has been helping me build power for years.”

- Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (









“Cedric Muhammad is a man of intellectual substance. I respect and value his insight on a great many topics.”

 - Star, Of Star and Buc Wild  (







“I always find Cedric’s thoughts interesting and provocative. His blog and perspective is must-see must-hear.”

-John Tamny, editor of (





“Mr. Muhammad is a specialist on African politics.”

-The Wall Street Journal (August 28, 2000)

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